Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Like many other technology aficionados, I've tried before to start up a blog; I've tried out Google pages, Blogspot, and even good old FreeWebs (circa 2002) but none of them seemed to stick. Since those days I've purchased a domain, and been much more active in my technology documenting. Blogger rolls all the features I want into a nice package, and so here goes nothing!

As of this writing, I am a 20 year old Cal Poly Electrical Engineering student. Growing up in the Easy Bay of California, I had a semi-eclectic childhood including a mishmash of running my own computer business (TechOBrien), attending Diablo Valley Junior College for highschool, and raising farm animals through 4-H. Somewhere along the way I became interested in technology, computers, electronics, hardware, and many many other things. This Blog serves as my personal documentary of tinkerings: projects, products, classes, and ideas. It will serve a dual-purpose of updating interested readers on the various projects I'm involved in, and giving me an opportunity to write about my life.

The first few posts will likely be back-posts of old projects of mine. Once I get the blog "up to speed" so to say, I will add some of my newer works and begin a more regular schedule of posts. You can expect things such as computer projects, custom hardware builds, electronics design, and new product reviews. I'll also be posting about the various courses I'm taking at Cal Poly.

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy!

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