Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Racing Pedals

One very simple mod I've done to my 2005 Mazda 3 is adding "racing" pedals. These pedals do not replace the existing ones, but rather cover the ones in place. They look great, and tend to have less slippage in wet weather or with slippery shoes. The rubber covers of the existing pedals are easily removable for bolting. 

I purchased this look-alike kit from eBay for less than $25. I was overall very impressed with the machining of the aluminum, and had next to no problems with the set. Sets can be found for both automatic / manual transmissions, and can be found with and without the Mazda logo.

The set, all together!

While the brake pedal screws latch around the back of the pedal (similar to an electrical outlet box), the gas pedal requires drilling four small holes through the plastic actuator arm. It was very simple to do, albeit a little tight on space. An angle drill would have come in handy here! I'm thankful that my car has a fly-by-wire electronic accelerator, because I could press down on the gas pedal without flooding my non-existent carburetor (just for those confused, my car is EFI and does not have a cable-driven accelerator).

Brake and gas. I know...I wish it was a manual too.

I did have to slightly bend the gas pedal cover in order to make it better fit the shape of my pedal. The rubber insert easily bent to match, and I've had no problems with bending from foot pressure. It seems that the center of the brake pedal "sags" a little, where the rubber nubs slip toward the rear of the pedal. To fix this, one could place a sort of rubber insulator or shim behind the rubber gasket and in front of the existing pedal. It doesn't bother me enough to disassemble it, but the next time I'm working on something down there I'll probably add a piece of rubber to remedy the problem.

Dead-plate. The screws went directly into the underlying carpet and insulation.

One important thing to note is the pedal spacing. While wearing very wide shoes such as dress shoes, sometimes my size-12 feet will catch the lip of the brake pedal while pressing the accelerator. It really isn't that big of an issue (it would be if it were the other way around!), but you might be able to shift the gas pedal right or the brake pedal left a fraction to avoid the issue. I would tape the pedals temporarily in place and give it a shot before permanently mounting them. While the brake pedal can be adjusted later, the accelerator cannot due to the holes that need to be drilled. 


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