About Me

Childhood -

I grew up in the suburbs of Concord, California. On nearly an Acre and next to a beautiful park, I learned to appreciate mother nature and all she has to offer from a young age. Having property gave me many interesting experiences: building tee-pees out of overgrown shrubs, making tunnels through weeds, and having airsoft matches with friends. I was part of the Concord (now Claycord) 4-H club for 10 years until I aged out. I raised various small animals including chickens, Pygmy goats, and llamas, and worked hard to earn many awards. To this day I know more about Chicken embryo's than anyone could ever want. 
Along with the more agricultural side of things, from a very young age I loved to tinker. Taking things apart (and not always putting them back together) was one of my favorite hobbies. Understanding how and why things worked the way they did was crucial for me, and drove a desire to learn as much as I could about whatever I could get my hands on.

Education - 

From 2nd grade through Highschool graduation, I was a student with Horizon Home Study. Horizon is a homeschool program through the Mount Diablo Unified School district which allowed me to learn at my own pace, and supplement my education with extra-curricular activities. My parents were excellent teachers, and until the 8th grade I relied on them and my own motivation for education.

As I started learning more complex topics, I began taking courses at Diablo Valley College, a local community college. Over the next 5 years I took courses including topics from Sign Language to Swing Dance, and enjoyed the faster pace of the semester system (standard highschool courses in my school district were on a year-long schedule). 

From there I pseudo-transferred as a Freshman to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I am now, as of this writing, completing my second year as an Electrical Engineering major, and am considering staying for my Masters. 

What is more if not most critical to who I am today is my informal education. Through 4-H, through employment, and through pure curiosity I have learned or taught myself more than any amount of schooling ever could. If there is one thing I can emphasize to youth and adults alike is the importance of extra-curricular activities to expand your field of knowledge and make you a more well-rounded individual. 

Work Experience -

I have held a number of odd-jobs, but most are technology or computer infrastructure related. Most prominently, I have over 6 years on-the-job I.T. experience troubleshooting and fixing computer systems. Networks, Active Directory, LDAP, Camera systems, security systems, virtualization...you name it and I've probably had to learn it. I've worked for a number of small I.T. companies where I'm somewhat of a renaissance man; most if not all jobs in the company land on me. Clients have the most peculiar requirements, and have required me to come up with even more creative solutions. 

For a more in-depth look at my work experience, I recommend looking at my LinkedIn profile. I also post things from work time-to-time.

Passions - 

So enough about work and school. What do I enjoy other that bits 'n bytes and nuts 'n bolts? Well it's still pretty nerdy...

I love creating tech at home. I run a number of servers for personal use and am constantly tweaking my network setup. Media streamers, VLAN's, guest SSID's...everything that I've learned over the years for work I wind up finding a way to implement locally. I usually have more than a dozen tech projects going on at once (some more long-term than others), and these are fueled by cheap or free gear. One great example of this is a traffic light that was donated from a professor here on campus. It had two out of the 3 bulbs, so I  had to design an LED array and driver circuit (posts on this soon!).

I also really enjoy photography. I started out with a simple point-and-shoot, but soon outgrew it in favor of a Pentax K-7 DSLR. I'm now the proud owner of a dozen or so lenses and love old manual gear. 

Although I don't get out as much as I should, I enjoy hiking, going to the beach, and enjoying the beautiful area that is San Luis Obispo. With so many great areas to offer, it's hard not to love the beautiful and serene outdoors. 

One of my hobbies that I hope someday to ease back into is music. I played classical piano for a number of years, but lost interest as the highschool madness of my teens took over. I also tried to get into playing guitar, but again just never seemed to really have the time to invest. I'm hoping that over one of these summers I can invest in a keyboard or pick up one of my guitars and re-invest in them. It's just like riding a bike...right?

Last but not least I enjoy travel! With my family and significant others' family, I've been to a number of national parks in the Western US, and someday hope to cover them all. I also hope to be able to visit Ireland and other parts of Europe. 

What's next? -

At this point my life is mostly focused around school. With an average of 17 units per quarter and my avid involvement in the Amateur Radio Club, I have little time for much else! Study, eat, sleep, wash, rinse repeat. My goal is to make the most out of my time here at Cal Poly, and come out a successful and well-trained engineer. After that...who knows! I'll keep you posted =)

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